Full time, on the land, post-secondary. 

Dechinta's primary delivery of courses takes the form of full semesters. These 12 week semesters take place on the land, and in all seasons. Sign up for more details on upcoming programming. 


Dechinta is an intensive on the land learning experience that exemplifies the value of cultural programming in education. Dechinta’s successful curriculum prioritizes community wellness and safety.


  • Each semester takes place over 12 weeks.

  • Dechinta offers a Fall Semester and a Winter/Spring Semester.

  • Maximum enrolment per semester cohort is 10-12 students.



Students will spend the first 2-4 weeks at an outcamp location determined by the Dechinta team. Outcamp locations are chosen to engage students in the importance of place and land-based learning. Students and faculty spend the first 4 weeks engaging in lectures, workshops, governance sessions, harvesting and gathering.




Following outcamp, the students move to an in-camp location where they will spend the next 3-4 weeks continuing to work with local Elders and instructors while having the opportunity to work on assignments. The majority of  instruction also takes place outdoors where students will learn how to tan hides, make (Liwe) dryfish and Ekwah (drymeat), harvesting medicines, and go on outings with local Elders and bush guides.




The last 4 weeks are spent in the students home or host communities where they will participate in a research, co-op or work placement opportunity.



Certificate in Community and Land-Based Research

The Dechinta Certificate in Community and Land- Based Research was piloted in Fall 2018, with plans to delivery one certificate course per year. 

During one 12-week semester students take 5 courses accredited by the University of British Columbia. 

Course offerings may vary by semester and season. 

U of Alberta

Courses in the Faculty of Native Studies

Dechinta offers 18 Courses through the Faculty of Native Studies at the University of Alberta. These courses can be used towards the completion of an undergraduate degree, and are transferable through the Western Dean's Agreement.

NS221 Our Land, Our Life: Dene Self-Determination in Theory and Practice

NS 222: Dene Chanie: Dene Leadership that Path we Walk

NS 221 Indigenous Self-Determination

NS 349 Indigenous Governance and Self-Determination

NS 280 Communicating Denendeh

NS 282 Community Health Promotion

NS 357 Indigenous Community Health and Wellness

NS 190 Indigenous Research and Governance in Action

NS 259 Sustainable Communities

NS 380 Indigenous Leadership for Sustainable Communities

NS 290 Indigenous Legal Orders

NS 540 Innovations and Perspectives for Northern Educators (Master’s level course)