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Student fees and and tuition

Dechinta charges program fees for all credited and non-credited courses offered. These fees go to cover the costs of tuition, and include books, accommodations, food and program supplies.


For programs offered in partnership with the University of Alberta and University of British Columbia, the tuition fees are set by the University partners and range between $2500 to $3000 for each 5-course semester.

Short course fees range between $1000 and $1500, depending on the content of the course and location delivered. 

Dechinta strives to make education accessible to all northern students and offers a comprehensive scholarship and bursary program, as well as support for students to apply for funding. If you are interested in supporting student success, please consider supporting Dechinta's programming.

What's Included in Dechinta Program Fees? 
  •  Up to 5 courses facilitated by Elders, leading Indigenous professors and northern experts

  • Books and supplies

  • Guest speakers, expert visiting professors, mentors and researchers

  • Food and accommodations

  • Full access to all site amenities including (i.e., motorboats, canoes, skidoos, and safety gear)

  • Camping gear

What's not included in Dechinta Program Fees?  
  • Necessary personal outdoor gear

  • Transportation to and from location of program (funding for travel may be available through Student Financial Assistance for northern students)

  • Personal Liability Insurance


Contact us for more information about our programs, or to register for our next semester! 

Email: admin@dechinta.ca

Phone: 867-445-1897

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