Dechinta’s integrated University and youth programming removes barriers to education for northern learners, and ensures safe and culturally relevant programming is delivered alongside innovative university level courses.


Dechinta’s model of program delivery is innovative and responsive to the needs of diverse learners. We offer a setting where families can learn together through our Chekoa Nı̨ htł’èkǫ ̨̀ Deè (KidsU) program where children are invited to attend semesters with their parent(s) and learn on the land. This has become one of the most vital components of our Dechinta model as many students, particularly single mothers, opt to bring their children with them.


Culture and connection to land are at the heart of the pedagogy, centering embodied and kinetic learning, cultural identity, history, and community wellness as the foundation of all learning. In a study conducted to inform the development of Dechinta, lack of childcare, cost, and not wanting to remove children from culturally safe and relevant environments was the number one reason Indigenous women in the NWT cited for not attending, or dropping out of, post- secondary schooling. In response, Dechinta offers integrated K-12 childcare during programs at no extra cost. Our KidsU program is rooted in child-led learning and the Dene Kede curriculum. In Dechinta’s nine years of proven results, we feel the integration of child care into our program and the resulting family and community centered learning environment is one of the key elements in making post- secondary education accessible to First Nations and Inuit students.


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