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Student Review

The Dechinta Experience!

I would like to start off by saying, this was the best education experience I ever had. It was amazing how each of us from each region in NWT got to share this experience together and with others from around the world. I will treasure this experience and what I learned there, esp. with the elders and professors, and of course the people that made Dechinta happpen. I think Dechinta is the path for education for our young people to start leading. Learning in places that feels comfortable and somewhere you can practice cultural traditions, sure does feel good for the mind, body and soul. And learning from the land, it gives it more meanings to ourselves and our people, and if elders think this is a great way to learn, then I sure do believe them. Programs like this should be recognized in all first nation communities because it gives hope and strength to move forwrad. I really enjoyed this course Traditional Leadership, it gave me inspiration to move forward with our people and to choose a path of great knowledge from the elders, to be tolerant and patient, to practice cultural traditions, to listen to stories, and make positive choices in life. I am grateful and thankful for Dechinta, it gave me a positive outlook in life and just gave me a reminder, that I can make positive changes, and it starts with self-determination.


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