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Hide Camp Fundraiser

Dechinta was created fourteen years ago out of a research project that identified the barriers Northern Indigenous communities were facing when trying to access post-secondary education. In response, Dechinta programming was designed with the goal of offering accessible, holistic, and family-centered education rooted in Indigenous knowledge. We are currently looking to raise funds to support students attending our upcoming hide camp program at Dechinta!


Dechinta scholarships ensure post-secondary education remains accessible; all money raised towards this fund goes directly to providing tuition scholarships and covering travel expenses related to attending Dechinta academic programming.


We are currently fundraising $15,000 for our upcoming Hide Camp students, any unused funds will be put toward future scholarships

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“There's nothing like this, I've done a lot of programs,I've been a part of a lot of community projects like this. And I can say without a doubt that I've never experienced a program like this one. And I've been a part of a lot and a lot of different communities across like Western Canada, and the North. There is nothing that I could compare to this setting. From the accommodations, the food, and the support from the staff and elders, everybody here was really supportive of everyone. And I don't think there was an ounce of judgment that I felt”

- Student from Dechinta’s Summer 2023 Hide Camp Program

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How to Contribute

To donate, please visit our CanadaHelps website here or here

If you have any questions, please email us at! 

To learn more about our programs and impact, visit our
resources page.


Hide Camp Impact

Dechinta’s program evaluations have demonstrated significant impacts beyond educational achievement. Students evaluations reflect on the physical, mental and social impacts of spending time on the land. During our last hide camp semester, students were asked to rate their overall life satisfaction on a scale of 1-10, first thinking back to before attending Dechinta, and then again in the present while at hide camp:

  • Average life satisfaction before Dechinta: 4.7/10

  • Average life satisfaction at the end ofHide Camp: 8.6/10

  • Average increase in life satisfaction while attending Hide Camp: 3.9

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“This is the first safe place that I’ve had where I felt like all my needs around the medicine wheel are being met the way I always wanted. It felt totally autonomous. I didn't have any need to prove my self worth. I was automatically respected here. That was a really big difference. I didn't have to jump through all these hoops just to learn my own culture and be on my own home territory. It was such an easy process, and every single moment when I struggled there was staff there to help me through it. That was so not what I’m used to in school down south. Those institutions are so impersonal, so competitive, so isolating, so damaging. I never hate myself and my life more than when I’m in university. But here I feel human and feel valued.”

- Student from Dechinta’s Summer 2023 Hide Camp Program

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