Videos and Resources

Through Dechinta's commitment to creative practice and knowledge dissemination, we have been able to create several videos and supplementary reports/learning materials that celebrate and discuss land-based education in the North. This material is available below: 

Resource for Students and Educators: Gender Justice Toolkit 

In March of 2022, Dechinta created a “Gender and Queer Terminology Toolkit,” a 55 page report that provides readers with a comprehensive overview of gender and queer history, terminology and resources, specifically in relation to Indigenous peoples. We have printed around 100 copies of the gender toolkit so far and it has been given to students of our programs, to our professors and guest lecturers, to our staff members, and to community members who asked for copies because they were interested in learning more about gender. We also paid 10 queer Indigenous and BIPOC artists so we could use their artwork in the toolkit.

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To download a copy of the Dechinta Gender and Queer Toolkit,  click here

Łiwe Camp: Fishing and Governance on Dene Land

We are so excited to announce the release of our short film documenting our 2021 łiwe (fish) camp at Dechinta. This film first premiered at the 2021 NAISA conference. We have also created an accompanying fish camp ‘field guide’ to supplement this video material. 

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Click above to watch the short film on our website or watch it on our YouTube channel here.

To download a copy of the Łiwe Camp field guide, click here

WEBINAR SERIES: Indigenous Land-Based Education in the Era of COVID-19

Covid-19 drastically altered the landscape of education globally. For Indigenous land-based educators, whose immersive programs require that students be out on the land together, these changes were/are particularly concerning. In response to these concerns, Dechinta hosted a Covid-19 Webinar Series in the summer of 2020 to examine the risks of moving Indigenous land-based education online and to brainstorm possible solutions or alternatives to carrying out land-based education during the pandemic. We also created a supplementary report that summarizes the findings from these webinars and provides resources for land-based educators. This project was carried out in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation. Learn more about their work at

To watch the webinars on our website, click here. To watch the webinars on our YouTube channel, click here

To download a copy of the Indigenous Education in the Era of COVID-19 report,  click here

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Madeline Whetung: NAISA 2018 Presentation

Madeline Whetung made this video during her time on site at the 2018 Dechinta spring semester while she was the land-based team leader in Chief Drygeese Territory. The video was first screened during a panel at the 2018 NAISA conference in LA, California. It was recorded by Madeline Whetung and edited by Morgan Tsetta.

An Overview of Land-Based Education at Dechinta

This short film describes Dechinta's approach to land-based Education with Professor Glen Coulthard. This was filmed in the MacKenzie Mountains by Mike Code, edited by Morgan Tsetta and produced with the support of Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning and the National Centre for Indigenous Education.