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Dechinta Alumni


Dechinta is working to create an active alumni network, with a family feel, where Dechinta and alumni support each other in employment, education, life, and reporting Dechinta’s impact. In the upcoming months, Dechinta will be hosting alumni events and finding different ways to interact with our alumni virtually and in-person.

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Join Dechinta's Alumni Network by Subscribing Below:

Join our Dechinta alumni mailing list here!

We hope that this sign-up form will help us stay connected, can lead to gathering, and sharing resources. We also are using this form as data collection for the purpose of reporting to our funders. 

The purpose of starting this alumni network is twofold: First, we want to build a supportive Dechinta community where alumni can continue to interact with us and each other as they move forward in life after attending our programs. We want to offer support to alumni and learn about what alumni want from Dechinta. 


Second, Dechinta is coming to the end of its current federal funding agreement, and is looking for stories of impact from people who have benefitted from Dechinta’s programs. It is necessary for the future of Dechinta programming that we hear from alumni about where they are now, and how Dechinta helped them get there. If you have a story about your experience at Dechinta and how it continues to impact your life that you would like to share with us, we would love to hear from you! Please contact Kynyn at


We will be posting soon about hosting alumni events in Yellowknife, stay tuned!

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