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Edited Collection: Creative Responses to Climate Catastrophe in the North

Have you been affected by climate change impacts like flooding, wildfires or smoke or in another way recently? Do you have a story to tell, an image to share (drawing, photo, video), or some other way you’d like to express your experience?

Scroll for more info and a chance to submit your experience to our upcoming edited collection!


Call for Submissions:

As Northerners we look after one another and that’s why we at Dechinta are excited to share our next creative project: an edited collection of art and writing based on the ongoing impacts of climate catastrophe, especially in the summer of 2023.


This collection of art and writing will focus on Northerners’, and especially Indigenous Northerners’, experiences of how you’ve been impacted by climate change recently. The aim of this project is to learn more about how we can support each other through climate catastrophes, and share our knowledge with other northern communities.  

No writing or publishing experience is necessary! We strongly encourage young and emerging writers to apply. Dechinta will be providing online mentorship opportunities for folks who want to contribute and would like to receive support. Alternatively, if you’d like to share your experience but don’t want to write or create an art piece we can do an interview with you instead and/or pair you with a writer or artist to capture your experience.

If you want to contribute and have an idea, or want to talk more with us about turning it into a written or visual art piece, please let us know by February 19th! This way, we can work with you to have something submitted by our deadline.

If you would like to submit a full draft of your piece or artwork, the deadline for submissions is March 18th, 2024!

Please submit your interest, ideas, writing, or any questions you might have about the project to Nicole at Stay tuned for an announcement about Generative Resilience: Creative Responses to Climate Catastrophe in the North workshops in Whitehorse in March to follow. We can’t wait to hear from you!


Survey to Determine Workshop Topics

We are gathering ideas about what issues are important to focus these workshops around. Fill out the survey if you would like to contribute a suggestion or idea:

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