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Dechinta signs MOU with Aurora College and Collége Nordique Francophone

Aurora College, Collège nordique francophone and Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning formalize commitment to work together with MOU YELLOWKNIFE, NT—Aurora College, Collège nordique francophone, and Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning, have entered into an agreement to formalize a collaborative relationship and build capacity to increase access to post-secondary programming and services in the NWT. Signatories will contribute their institutional strengths to support the development of complementary programs and services that will provide students with more program choices, attract research investments, and respond to workforce development needs.

Specifically, the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) provides for collaboration across the following areas:

  • Strategic alignment of objectives

  • Collaboration on upcoming projects or initiatives

  • Potential exchanges or secondments of staff and shared training opportunities

  • Regular meetings to discuss matters of shared interest

All three institutions have a history of delivering high quality post-secondary and adult basic education to the NWT. Aurora College has served as the primary source of labour market readiness programs in the NWT for over 50 years. A leader in education, Aurora College has Campuses and Community Learning Centres in 23 NWT communities.

Based in Yellowknife, Collège nordique is the only French-language and multilingual post-secondary and continuing education institution in the territories, and a national leader in language training. Collège nordique responds to community learning needs through flexible programming while offering immigration settlement and language programs.

Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning develops innovative programming and award-winning research. Dechinta delivers accredited post-secondary courses entirely on-the-land, co-developed with Indigenous Elders, community leaders and leading Indigenous academics. This innovative blending of Indigenous knowledge with academic credentials helps ensure students are positioned for success on the land, in the community, in post-secondary education, and in employment.

Together, the three institutions are poised to gain knowledge and insight through mutually beneficial collaboration with the unifying goal of increasing access to post-secondary programs for Northerners.

This MOU provides us with opportunities to work toward bettering access to post-secondary education to all Northerners. Entering into this relationship takes into account the unique place our respective institutions hold within the NWT, and will allow us to use each other’s strengths to better serve our students.”

—Andy Bevan, President, Aurora College

“Collège nordique francophone is energized by the possibilities of this agreement to enhance the student experience, choice, and quality in the NWT’s post-secondary education system. Students and employers benefit when post-secondary education institutions work together. This MOU signals that we will take concerted action to put students first by working with our Northern post-secondary colleagues to provide education and training solutions for employers looking to build talent in the NWT. We look forward to creating more opportunities for graduates from NWT French-language and immersion programs while attracting students from across Canada and beyond.”

—Josée Clermont, Executive Director, Collège nordique francophone

“When we constructively work together amongst institutions and with the community, we have the ability to empower students to reach their full potential while exploring meaningful and quality post-secondary education pathways. Together we can attract investments for research that benefits all Northerners, encourages community participation and that promotes the development of a body of knowledge that strengthens our collective ability to meet the challenges of the day and strengthen sovereignty. The legacy of this MOU will hopefully be the further mobilization of research and knowledge for our communities.”

-Dr. Kelsey Wrightson, Executive Director, Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning

2020-09-29 MOU AC CNF DCRL pdf
Download PDF • 548KB

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