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Hide Camp Scholarship Campaign!

Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning is raising money for travel scholarships and tuition scholarships for students who want to participate in our upcoming hide camp course!

Dechinta was created fourteen years ago out of a research project that identified the barriers Northern Indigenous communities were facing when trying to access post-secondary education. In response, Dechinta programming was designed with the goal of offering accessible, holistic, and family-centered education rooted in Indigenous knowledge. We are currently looking to raise funds to support students attending our upcoming hide camp program at Dechinta!

Dechinta scholarships ensure post-secondary education remains accessible; all money raised towards this fund goes directly to providing tuition scholarships and covering travel expenses related to attending Dechinta academic programming.

We are currently fundraising $15,000 for our upcoming Hide Camp students, any unused funds will be put toward future scholarships.

More information at:

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